How Inbound Sales Calls Increase Profits

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One of the most important rules of business is to cultivate relationships with existing customers, rather than trying to build new relationships with one-time customers all the time. You may believe that phone calls are ineffective and old-school, but think again: inbound sales calls allow brand representatives to build relationships with clients in ways that email newsletters and Instagram posts cannot. If you need to convince your team to start working with a performance marketing group, here are three reasons to give them to show that inbound marketing matters.

Customer Retention

It’s 25 times more expensive to bring in new customers than to keep those you already have. In fact, increasing customer retention by just 5% can increase profits by up to 95%. You’ve already worked hard to bring in the customers you have, and there’s evidence to show that they like your services and products. Targeting those clients for promotions through inbound sales calls is a great way to increase sales.

Making Customers Feel Special

Nearly two thirds of all customers say that their experience with a business influences their decision to buy more than the cost of the product. This is especially true in the beauty, health, and fitness industries, which are highly personal and related to a customer’s feelings about their physical appearance. Seven in ten customers will make a purchase if they feel they’re being treated well, so having a responsive customer call center and operators to make inbound sales calls is a good way to let clients know you’re thinking of them.

Your Competition is Doing It

Nearly three quarters of all businesses are actively prioritizing customer experience, and two thirds believe that experiences from a customer service call center can make a big difference. Customers can buy many of their products online and can shop around to find what they perceive to be the “best” product and service, but feeling that they have a relationship with a company will ultimately make them stay. Having an inbound sales call center or marketing call center makes a difference. In fact, 94% of customers will take advantage of an “exclusive” offer when they believe it’s being offered “just” to them.

Inbound marketing is about balance, but it’s not rocket science. Customers will respond well to companies that treat them well and act like they matter, because they do! What could be more intuitive than that?

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