How Safe Is the Drinking Water in Your City?

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Bees are everyone’s business.
The Pollinators is an award winning documentary directed by Peter Nelson. Anyone who eats, and that would be everyone, should find this film both important and informative, not to mention incredibly shot. In a crowdsourced format, viewings of this particular documentary are showing around the country in an effort to raise awareness to an issue that we should all care about.

In a time when politicians and their loyal followers are are arguing about everything from climate change to immigration, it is important to realize that it is often the littlest of details that suffer. For the sake of the bees, however, there are many people who hope that someday someone will wake up and do more than just spell the roses.

Different Environmental Remediation Services and Other Protections Can Help Communities Remain Vibrant

From bees to groundwater environmental services, there are many ways that Americans can focus on the safe keeping of their surroundings. From the technology needed to remove Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAs remediation) to knowing the importance of checking ground water, it is important to know that groundwater contamination is a lingering problem in many parts of the country.

Resistant to heat, water, and oil, PFAs remediation is important to make sure that these chemicals are removed from past dumping sites. Given that they are serve as resist degradation in the environment, PFAS compounds were used in various industrial activities and were components in many consumer and industrial products because they exhibit many useful properties. As the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has indicated in their research findings, the success of PSA remediation is often tied to the success of a community, not to mention its health.

Primary and secondary waste treatments remove nearly 85% to 95% of pollutants from the wastewater before the treated wastewater is disinfected and discharged into local waterways. There are many times, however, when he remaining 15% to 5% can still be incredibly problematic. It is at these when it is necessary to deal wit PFAs rendition in order to protect a local environment or to save the water source for a community. Consider some of these facts and figures about PFAs remediation and the other kinds of groundwater treatment options that are so important to the future of the planet:

  • More than 80% of the most serious hazardous waste sites in the U.S. have adversely impacted the quality of nearby ground water.
  • Unfortunately, more than 70% of the industrial waste is dumped into the water bodies where they pollute the usable water supply.
  • Serving as the drinking water source for half the people in this country, ground water accounts for more than 95% of the nation’s available fresh water resources.
  • As many as 16,000 chemical spills occur from trucks, trains, and storage tanks each year. Often these spills occur when materials are being transferred.
  • Only 1% of the Earth’s water is suitable for drinking.
  • Currently, there are three basic technologies for removing PFOS/PFOA from water: granulated activated carbon, non-regenerating synthetic resins, and regenerating synthetic resins.

Remembering that only 3% of the Earth’s water is fresh water is reason enough to know why it is important to avoid ruining one of the world’s most valuable resources. From the bees in the air to the water below the ground that we walk on, there are many people who fear that if we do not have enough plans in place to protect our planet for future generations.

Figuring Things Out in the Digital Age
Today, of course, the answer to so many of life’s burning, and not so burning questions, are just a few clicks away. Often, without even relying on any keyboarding skills, we can simply ask our smart phones or smart home device. If, however, you are longing for a personal interaction there is always the option of calling a friend who might be able to provide the answer you are looking for.
Unfortunately, the internet, aside from providing both warnings and resources, will not solve the environmental problems that we face. That solution will take both individuals and entire countries working in combination for the sake of the entire planet for processes like PFAs remediation. Are you ready to join the cause?

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