Insightful Tips on How to Prolong the Life of Your Refurbished Induction Furnace

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Are you buying a used induction furnace or refurbished foundry equipment? The buying of any induction heating equipment is a significant investment for your foundry. Their previous owners have already used refurbished or used induction furnaces. But with proper care, maintenance, and repair, the used induction furnaces can serve your foundry for a long time.

This post highlights a few care and maintenance tips, which can help prolong the service life of your refurbished equipment.

Check The Wear Of The Lining Of The Furnace.

You should always check the refractory lining of your induction furnace to track its wear and know when it will need a replacement. You should take measurements of the lining to know its wear, but you should do this when the furnace has cooled off.

Clean Equipment Components and Parts

The forging process generates lots of dust, and the diathermy quenching process generates lots of corrosive gases. The generated dust and gases can destroy parts of the induction melting furnace by reducing the insulation strength of the equipment. As such, you should establish a regular cleaning routine for all equipment components that need cleaning.

Use Appropriate Charging Techniques.

It’s crucial to apply proper charging techniques to ensure that your induction furnace lining and coils last for long. Improper charging of your induction furnace damages the refractory of the furnace. It can also cause cracks in the lining when you drop large pieces of metal into the furnace. Cracks may lead to a run-out problem when you melt the metals.

Using wrong charging techniques can also lead to bridging. During such a problem, the temperature of the bridge rises above the set limit of the refractory. As such, you should always use proper charging techniques to avoid bridging, run-out and lining damage.

Always Perform Preventative Maintenance On Your Refurbished Equipment.

Preventative maintenance is essential in prolonging the life of your induction furnace. You can contact the manufacturer of your used furnace to get a maintenance schedule. Manufacturers can help if your refurbished furnace still has a warranty and if the warranty was transferable to you from the previous owner.

It isn’t prudent to wait until something wrong happens. Fixing a damaged component may be expensive, but through routine preventative maintenance, you can identify components that are about to get destroyed and make prompt repairs to avoid extensive damage. Make sure that you use genuine replacement parts.

Ensure the Water Pipe Joints Are Firm

If you’re using tap water in the cooling process, it is easy for your equipment to accumulate some scale, which may hamper the cooling effect. When the water pipes crack and age, you should replace them in time.

Replace Worn Components and Parts

Bolts of different parts and the contacts of tightened contactor relay should get inspected on a regular basis. If there is weak or loose contact, you should do part replacements in time to prevent further damage.

Torque the Magnetic Shunts

You should torque the magnetic shunts of your furnace if it has torques. This process helps them to support the induction heating coil of the furnace and ensure that it stays in the right place. But you should ensure that you do the torque procedure according to the recommendations of the maker of your induction furnace.


Used furnaces and refurbished equipment may have seen their better days of service, but they can still be useful in your foundry. Buying used or refurbished equipment saves you money if such equipment can last. But if the machine breaks down quick, you may end up losing your money.

As such, it’s advisable to take good care of any refurbished equipment that you buy so that you can get the best service from it before it breaks down. An estimated 50% of the steel in the world gets used in making buildings and infrastructure. Buy refurbished foundry equipment and be part of this big steel industry today. But don’t forget to put in place the maintenance tips above.

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