How to Improve Customer Service at Your Company Through Outsourcing

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Is customer service one of your company?s departments that struggles to keep up with demand? If so, it should be a priority to find a resolution to this issue. Customer service is one aspect of a business model that can greatly affect whether a company remains successful or not. Without helpful and easy-to-use customer service, your company may lose customers and start to gain a reputation as a company that doesn?t keep customer?s needs in mind. One way to work toward resolving this issue is by customer service outsourcing.

Interested in learning more about why customer service is so crucial to a business? success? Keep reading for more information on the benefits of using a customer service outsourcing company for your business.

Why It?s Essential to Have Great Customer Service

There are a multitude of reasons why customer service can make or break a company?s success. While it should always be a priority to bring in new customers, it should also matter to a company whether they are capable of retaining customers, too. There are plenty of statistics to support the claim that if your company offers poor customer service, customers are likely to end a transaction, not return, and not recommend your company to others.

For example, nearly 70% of customers state that they?re more likely to recommend a company or a product if they had a positive customer service experience, according to NewVoiceMedia research. In addition to that statistic, around 44% of customers will select a different business to buy a product or service from if their customer service experience is negative.

So, what qualifies as good or bad customer service? Customers have ranked various aspects of customer service to show what matters most to them. Consumers in the United States believe that rude or unhelpful staff members is a top reason they may take their business elsewhere. When they are transferred to multiple customer service agents in one call, this can be irritating, as well. When a consumer is kept on hold for long periods of time, this can also push them to end a transaction or to use a different company.

For the majority of consumers, helpful customer service is so important they are willing to pay more 25% more. That means, they?re willing to go to a company that charges more for products or services if their customer service experience is better. For that reason, it doesn?t matter if you have the most affordable products. You need great customer service, too.

Reasons to Invest in Customer Service Outsourcing

As a company, you may have already distributed your budget to your current employees. You might not currently have the means to redo your customer service experience or hire better qualified employees to handle this aspect of your business. For those reasons, it would prove most beneficial and most economical to instead invest in customer service outsourcing companies. With a little bit of research and some conversations with different company options, you can find the right company to meet your needs.

A company who has a dedicated team of customer service representatives to work for your company could really change your consumers? experience. If the team is easy-to-access, helpful, and proving the support and information customers need, your brand reputation could improve over time. That?s one way to increase brand recognition for your company and create a better reputation for your brand. More consumers will recognize your brand as one that cares about its consumers and one that is willing to meet customers? needs.

This will also save your company time. Instead of handling customer service issues over the phone, over email, on the website, and on social media, your company can instead let the outsourced company handle all of these customer service platforms.

Are there other ways your company could improve its customer service experience to increase positive brand recognition? Have you already tried to repair aspects of customer service try choosing to outsource customer service? Let us know in the comments about your experiences.

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