How to Know If Your Business Needs Private Email Servers

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As a small business owner, there are a million things you have to worry about on a daily basis, and a million more if you have more than just a few employees. One thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is the security of your business email hosting. Private email solutions for small business owners have a number of benefits that will help your business and employees thrive.

You’ll Have Higher Security

Typically, use of traditional email platforms is fine for most people. In business, however, higher levels of security are often required. Use of private email servers comes with this higher degree of security. If you are looking for a Gmail or Microsoft Exchange alternative, one of the top reasons might be for that extra protection. With the use of private email servers, you can rest easy knowing your company’s information is safe, which is all the more important as cyber crime continues to become a bigger and bigger problem. Private email servers have improved protection from both information theft and viruses.

Better Spam Filters

Nearly half of all the emails sent around the world are spam. By adopting a private email server, you’ll be able to fine-tune and improve your spam filter. This can cut down on unnecessary space taken up on your system, time wasted sorting through junk emails, and can eliminate malware emails.

Higher Degree of Control

Through the use of your own server, you can easily specify preferences and changes you’d like made to your system. You’ll also be able to do things such as easily share contact information with your employees and clients, filter and organize your emails more clearly, and manage your business more effectively. By changing your company’s “@” from something generic to a domain tailor made for your business, you’ll look more professional for clients and customers.


Last but not least, private email servers have the benefit of working much quicker than a standard email service normally does. Time sensitive material can be sent to your employees instantly, with no need to wait on random email delivery. You know what they say! Time is money!

Have you had experience working with a private email server? How did it compare to your other experiences? Let us know down in the comments below!

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