How to Properly Store a Forklift Battery

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When it comes to forklift battery changing systems, there are a number of integral procedures and practices that will help extend forklift battery life and improve the warehouse’s everyday operations as a whole. From washing to watering the forklift battery, no process is unimportant.

But have you ever wondered about the proper way to store a forklift battery when it’s not in use?

Forklift battery storage could very well be one of the most important parts of effective forklift battery maintenance. To find out how to improve storage of the forklift batteries at your warehouse, check out these three tips:

Keep open flame away from battery storage areas

Even when not in use, the chemicals inside a forklift battery can create hydrogen gas — a deadly gas that can cause an explosion or fire if exposed to the air in high enough concentrations. Because of this, there shouldn’t be open flame anywhere in the battery changing system or the area where your forklift batteries are stored.

Invest in high-quality storage equipment

Did you know that the average forklift battery weighs a massive 2,000 pounds? Knowing this, it’s clear that not just any storage racks can accommodate the weight of a forklift battery, let alone many of them. Invest in storage racks that are built to handle the weight and size of a forklift battery to prevent the batteries from falling and becoming damaged.

Regulate temperature

The chemicals within each forklift battery aren’t just corrosive and hazardous — they’re also volatile when put in extreme temperatures. For ideal safety and function of each forklift battery, be sure to regulate the temperature of the battery storage area so it stays around 70 degrees at all times.

Know of any other ways to store forklift batteries better? Share your own tips with us in the comments below. Ger more information on this topic here.

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