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When you are planning to grow plants using a hydroponic system, it is important to know that the plants will require a somewhat different environment than plants grown in traditional soil based systems. For example, hydroponically grown plants require eight to ten hours of direct sunlight. Without the availability of direct sunlight, that would mean eight to ten hours of high-intensity indoor lamplight per day.

Depending on the conditions and the crops you are attempting to grow, they may also require significantly less water than plants grown in soil would need. Additionally, you can plant four times the number of crops using a hydroponic system as you can when planting in traditional soil. While the increased need for direct light can pose a hurdle, the limited water and increased planting benefits can outweigh the negative of the sunlight issue.

In addition to needing less water, plants using aquaculture systems have also been found to grow as much as twice as fast as plants grown under traditional conditions. This is attributed to the plants getting the appropriate amount of nutrients and oxygen that they may not be getting in soil conditions.

As of 2014, 35% of all households, approximately 42 million households were growing food at home or within a community garden to supplement their personal food supply. That is up 17% from just five years earlier. Of those 42 million households, 76% of them grew vegetables. This is a 19% increase from five years earlier.

While there are a number of different studies to look at, some studies suggest that hydroponically grown plants grow as much as 50% faster than other plants. This increases the amount of plants that can be grown because you can grow multiple crops within one growing season.

There are several different hydroponic systems available. Choosing the right systems and ensuring you have the correct needed hydroponics equipment will require a bit of research if this is new to you. Choosing the right system will be dependent on wat you want to grow, what space you have available, your level of involvement, etc. Before investing in hydroponics equipment, it is best to consult with a professional regarding your specific interests and situation.

You will need to look at hydroponic lighting systems, pest control products, hydroponic nutrients, indoor gardening supplies, and machines for cloning. Since the price on these items can go high quickly, it is highly recommended that you investigate your needs and options before investing in hydroponics equipment.

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