Industries That Can Benefit More from Pipe and Drape

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Pipe and drape is used in hiding curtains, wallpaper, doorways, and provide a stunning setting to a venue. It can also be used in changing rooms. More so, the pipe and drape system can be used for tailoring a large room and making it look more intimate.

The ease of use, portability, affordability, and versatility means you’ll see pipe and drape in several places. It can cover backdrop pole for an important press release and speech stages. Pipe and drape can also be used in trade shows booths for dividing exhibitor spaces.

If you’re wondering why you should use a pipe and drape system, you’re in the right place. This article will expound in various events where you can use this system. But before we get there, let’s learn some benefits of pipe and drape.

Benefits of Pipe and Drape

Effective– Pipe and drape is easy to assemble and creates an intimate setting in an event. The system is effective in transforming a once shabbily-looking space into a stunning venue.

It Offers a Nice Look – Pipe and drape will give a subtle and elegant feeling.

Cheap and Faster – Decorating a venue might be a costly affair. If you’re looking for a way to transform your event faster and cost-effectively, then pipe and drape is the way to go.

5 Uses of Pipe and Drape

The benefits of pipe and drape can be realized by using them in the following places.

1. Convention Coordination and Trade Show

Job fairs, expos, trade shows, and conventions are some of the places you’ll find pipe and drape booth. Due to the ease of assembly, the booths can create a classy look anywhere and anytime effortlessly. If you’re in charge of coordination, then choosing pipe and drape will be an effective way to plan the event cheaply.

2. School Administrations

If you’re looking for a backdrop pole for graduations, school functions, and pep rallies, then pipe and drape is the perfect system to adopt. You can also use it for theater draping and concerts. The best fabric for theatricals is velour drapes while for academics it is poly premier.

Having pipes and drapes at your school will come in handy for several occasions. It can be drama festivals or even a conference.

3. Directional Guide

Attending events like music festivals, exhibitions, and other events can be quite confusing, especially if you don’t know where to go and how. Shorter piped, and drape system can be effectively used in guiding event attendees to specific places. It can be used to keep the line of concertgoers at a music festival. It can also be used to direct attendees to registration at conventions. It ensures attendees are not getting confused and feeling sheepish when lost.

4. House of Worship

Pipe and drape offer a wide variety of uses; from construction to weddings. It’s also used in churches and houses of worship for setting up a backdrop pole at church stages or used as church curtains.

5. Weddings

Pipe and drape system is used at wedding events because it can transform the look by hiding any unwanted markings on the walls. White drapes for wedding enhance the setting of the reception or ceremony or both.

6. Stages for Press Release and Speeches

Pipe and drape system is an effective way of covering a backdrop pole on stage. It creates a look that reflects on the company and dresses up the venue for giving a speech. The appealing look allows the audience to focus on the speaker or be attentive to the news.


The tallest curtains in the world are at a hotel in Oslo, Norway, standing 213.25 feet and 3 inches high.

Pipe and drape will help you hide unsightly areas and create an elegant backdrop. It’s a potentially portable curtain solution that can be affordable and highly versatile. Ensure you choose the best quality for added durability.

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