Keeping Cool Under Pressure Choosing Between The Centrifugal Air Blower And Regenerative Blower

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Heating and cooling is a common function of everyday life.

It’s used in our homes to regulate temperature and keep us comfortable. It’s a necessary part of factories that need to keep equipment working at peak efficiency. When a fan blows out it’s felt immediately. Learning more about your centrifugal air blower is a smart move to make well before a problem announces itself. Not only will your equipment last longer, you’ll save yourself the trouble of abruptly losing money during the workweek. Blower manufacturers work night and day to provide you with the best pressure blowers available.

Learn more about the centrifugal air blower and how to keep it working strong year-round.

The function of a fan is to regulate temperature. When it comes to equipment a good fan means the difference between smooth operation and a power outage. The centrifugal air blower has been around for quite some time, with historians noting the first mention all the way back in the 1500’s by Georg Pawer — his book ‘De Re Metallica’ mentions it several times to explain how these fans were used to ventilate mines. Fans have come a long way since then, readily available to buy and modify at will. The right one for you depends on what you’re using and how often.

A useful facet of the fan is its hands-off approach. Regenerative blowers are widely considered to be contact free machines, virtually maintenance free and able to operate up to 40,000 hours (or longer) without needing to be surfaced. Even then, it never hurts to double-check your equipment to ensure you’re not overlooking a glitch or clog that could set you back. Regenerative blowers have two styles of intake protection, depending on their function — you have in-line filters and air intake filters. Air blower manufacturers will help you choose the right one for your industry.

While it can seem complex at first, patterns will start to announce themselves the more you browse. Today the global regenerative blower market is sorted into three categories depending on the blower’s stage — single, double, and three-stage. Single stage regenerative blowers made up nearly 70% of the market in 2017, often used in the food industry to pneumatically convey more fragile goods. The CDC reported one out of six Americans will get sick consuming contaminated foods and beverages. Fans are needed not just for maintenance, but for safety.

Learning about the different parts of your fan will help you figure out which regenerative blowers will suit you best. Centrifugal fans displace air radially, changing the direction of airflow through 90 degrees. A well-ventilated area kept below 105 degrees Fahrenheit will ensure an impressive longevity of your centrifugal air blower. The centrifugal blower’s fan wheel is made out of a hub and a number of attached fan blades. These can be arranged in three separate ways — you have your forward-curved fan blade, backward-curved fan blade, and radial fan blade.

Air knives are another area you’ll come into contact with. The most common use of air knives today is to either contain or remove free-standing materials from the surface of another — this includes (but is not limited to) liquids, solids, dust, and dirt. An air knife blower system is a great tool for general maintenance that only needs to be pulled out once in a while, with the exception of regenerative blowers. It’s also wise to consult a professional once or twice a year to ensure nothing slips under your nose.

Make sure you’re getting the most out of your equipment. Contact your local industrial blower manufacturers and ask how you can improve efficiency from the inside out.

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