America Needs Dedicated Behind The Scenes Workers The Rising Demand For Hazmat Transportation

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It’s often what’s not seen that leaves the biggest impact.

Every day there are millions of people working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure we live safe and uninterrupted lives. From street sweepers removing debris from your city to plumbing repair professionals keeping facilities running, it’s an ongoing act that can easily be taken for granted. Should you be considering a career field that’s as dynamic as it is well-paying, looking behind the scenes will do you well. There is always more demand for individuals who have completed a hazmat training course. Even more so those that want to give their field all they got.

Good pay, consistent hours…there’s a lot to enjoy with RCRA DOT training. Here’s what you should know.

Transportation In The American Network

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Trade routes of old have changed a lot these past few centuries, due in no small part to the advent of technology and the increasing population of the world. Over three billion tons of hazardous materials are shipped every year, with this number expected to remain steady for the foreseeable future. It’s estimated, in general, 11 billion tons of freight are shipped more than 250 billion miles across the United States every year. This is just one of many examples of the jobs you can consider with an RCRA DOT training course.

Classification Of Hazardous Materials And Transportation

Due to the complexity of materials transported — and all the different ways they’re handled — classification measures have risen up to simplify the process. The Department Of Transportation has broken hazardous cargo down into nine separate classes. A recent estimate has seen around 95% of daily hazmat shipments being done by truck alone. If you have past experience as a driver, you’re already ahead of the curve with one of today’s most in-demand jobs. If not, hazmat training courses can catch you up to speed.

Most Utilized Hazardous Materials Today

There are more materials than can be counted moved back and forth in the American transportation network. Some, however, are shifted in such massive bulk as to support the economy almost on their shoulders alone. Texas remains the biggest oil producing state in the country, with 2016 seeing it produce over 1,000 million barrels. Natural gas, asphalt, and Coca Cola are the highest weight of commodities shipped, measuring at an impressive 2,600 million tons. Electronics, however, are the highest valued commodity by far and have recently hit $1,000 billion.

Standard Pay And Growth For Hazmat Workers

Jobs that require entering confined spaces and transporting hazardous materials across great distances are only increasing in demand. This is due in no small part to the burgeoning needs of a country that gets bigger by the day. As of 2016 it’s estimated hazardous material removal workers make a median annual salary of $40,000, with this figure increasing with experience and specialty. Your RCRA DOT training course is just the beginning of stepping into an industry that will embrace you as much as you embrace it. Requirements for handling waste, day-to-day safety, and several niches will be explored in your course.

Applying For A Hazardous Materials Training Course

There’s still time to switch from one career field to the other. Shipping hazmat materials and handling dangerous substances is a necessary behind the scenes job to keep our country running as smoothly as possible. Most hazmat workers will complete up to 40 hours of training as mandated by OSHA, or more, to qualify for their field of choice. Flammable liquids, particularly gasoline, remain the most transported hazardous material in the country. You could find yourself shipping hazmat materials or conferring with ground workers.

Whichever title you choose, rest assured RCRA DOT training will give you a career field that will last a long time.

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