The Importance of EPA Hazardous Waste Training


While most people imagine the job of a worker who handles hazardous waste to be unique and rare, that is not true. Not only are there plenty of people involved with EPA hazardous waste training jobs but they also have a really important role in society. After all, most people do not want to handle hazardous waste on a daily basis.

As of 2016, hazardous material removal workers make a median annual salary of $40,640. While this is not as much money as a rocket scientist, it is still a good amount of money to have on a yearly income. So anyone looking for a job working with hazardous wastes can make a solid living on top of working this type of job.

Completing the proper hazmat certification through EPA hazardous waste training is not easy. The required training for shipping hazmat materials is no joke and must be taken seriously. Understand that most hazmat workers complete up to 40 hours of training mandated by OSHA, some of whom are required to have state-specific licenses. This must be done to ensure that these materials are properly handled to avoid any complications or dangers.

Flammable liquids, primary gasoline, are the most transported hazardous materials in the United States, totaling 86.4% by value, 85.4% by weight, and 66.5% by ton-miles. This is the perfect example of a type of EPA hazardous waste training material that must be handled by an expert. If not, then gasoline can become a dangerous substance as it is easily flammable and can start a large fire1

One of the most important states for people looking to complete EPA hazardous waste training is none other than the great state of Texas! Texas is the biggest oil-producing state in the United States. In 2016, they produced 1,176 million barrels, accounting for 44.3% of total oil production in the United States. However, not all items moved and shipped across the country are hazardous and dangerous. As a matter of fact, natural gas, asphalt, and Coca-Cola are the highest weight of commodities shipped in the United States, measuring to 2,647 million tons.

Electronics are the highest valued commodity shipped in the United States, accounting for $1,673 billion. So if you are debating the world of EPA hazardous waste training, know that there are plenty of jobs available for shipping non-dangerous materials and substances. Approximately 11 billion tons of freight is shipped more than 250 billion miles across the United States by trucks annually.

The reason as to why EPA hazardous waste training is so important deals with the details. The Department of Transportation has worked endlessly to create a rigid system in which these substances can be transported and moved around. Understand that the Department of Transportation has broken hazardous cargo down into 9 classes.

Over 3 billion tons of hazardous materials are shipped annually. About 94% of daily hazmat shipments are done by truck. Anyone that wants to help this country move valuable and important dangerous items should look into completing some form of EPA hazardous waste training!

In Conclusion

There are tough jobs around the world that require tough people to work hard every single day. Anyone looking to complete their EPA hazardous waste training should know that this job is no joke. You will have to be involved with hazardous materials on a near daily basis!

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