3 Ways to Easily Manage Multiple Generations

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There is a major change taking place in companies across the world. Statistics show that, for the first time ever, five generations are working with each other in certain companies. As a manager, these can lead to you facing multigenerational workforce challenges. Fortunately, there are helpful tips that everyone managing multiple age groups should know. Considering that, here are three tips for managing a multigenerational workforce.

  • Focuses on What Brings Employees Together

    While managing a multigenerational workforce, it’s easy to focus on such a wide range of employee ages. However, it’s better to shy away from this issue. Instead, focus on what brings your employees together. For instance, all of the workers in the sales department want to close deals. On the other hand, those in the IT department want to resolve technological issues. Focusing on the goals your employees share helps to ensure conversations are steered away from age gaps.
  • Utilize Having Generation Gaps to Your Advantage

    You might think that managing three or four generations in the workplace seems tough. However, consider using such a diverse workforce to your advantage. Statistics gathered from PwC’s 18th Annual Global CEO Survey found that 85% of CEOs of diverse companies report this strategy has enhanced business performance. Many company owners find that having four generations in the workplace has distinct advantages. For instance, older employees might have worked with your business for a while. In turn, this makes them great mentors for younger new hires. On the other hand, these younger employees might be a great source of help with technological issues that older workers face.
  • Avoid Trying to Manage Everyone the Same Way

    It’s understandable to manage everyone in the same style. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the best strategy while managing four generations in the workplace. Not all age groups will want to be managed the same way. You’ve probably noticed many millennials sending applications to your company. Statistics show that millennials now account for 37% of the workforce throughout the United States. If you’re managing millennials the same way older employees are managed, this could create problems. Therefore, it’s best to stick with what managing style works best for each age group.

In closing, there are important tips to follow while managing workers from multiple generations. If you’re facing problems with your multigenerational workforce, it might be time to ask for outside help. Considering that, your company might want to hire a retention speaker. These speakers work to present ways that your company can continue to retain talent. Managing a workforce of multigenerational does have its challenges. However, working through these challenges often leads to amazing results for a business.

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