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Every person now entering the workforce needs professional corporate headshots to get their foot in the door. Data shows that a person can form a first impression of a stranger from just their face in only one-tenth of a second. The clothes on a person’s body can tell even more to a stranger, and more importantly a potential employer. Below are tips for keeping your professional portraits clean and employment-worthy.

The Plainer, The Better

When someone looks at your headshot, you want them to focus on your face and what the tone of the picture tells them about you. A common mistake people make with headshots is wearing a top or dress that is pattern-heavy. Small stripes, a complicated pattern, or anything that makes you squint to see it clearly does not come across well in photographs. Avoid pieces of clothing with writing on them as well. You don’t want whoever is looking at your headshots to concentrate on discerning what your shirt says or distracted by a message on it you thought would be funny.

Choose a Complimentary Color

You likely know what colors compliment your skin tone and complexion, so be sure to stick with those. Anything that even slightly washes you out in real life will certainly do that in photos due to the lighting devices headshot photographers use, or even the natural light for outdoor headshots. If you’re unsure of what colors you look best in, ask a trusted friend or family member for advice.

Keep It Appropriate

What you wear in your professional corporate headshots should be on the same level of what you would wear to an interview. Companies are looking at headshots to get an idea of what you will present to the office environment, so if you are wearing jeans and a t-shirt in the photos, they will assume you won’t try harder in your daily work life.

Wear What You Love

Confidence shows in photos as much as it shows in person. When you wear something that you’re comfortable in and that you know you look good in to your headshot session, that self-assurance will translate across the page. Alternatively, if you wear an outfit that is new or doesn’t fit right and you feel strange in it, then that discomfort will be communicated to whoever is viewing your headshots. If you don’t know what you look good in, have a little fashion show with your closest friends. They’ll help you pick an outfit and boost your confidence while you show your stuff.

A photo is worth a thousand words, so say the right ones. A set of well-crafted professional corporate headshots that express who you are can mean the difference between being called in for an interview and being passed over again and again.

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