Making Good Use of Portable Walls

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A building will always have solid walls on the outside and inside, and adding or removing them is a matter of some serious remodeling work. Fortunately, if a business owner or museum’s staff want to set up portable and convenient walls with ease, they can turn to portable display wall rental companies. These portable display walls, wall systems, modular wall systems, and the like can be very useful for creating temporary museums displays or creating a trade show booth. Many studies have demonstrated that trade shows are a highly popular and effective way for a company to promote its brand to many different customers at once, and any trade show booth will need not just a table and sales reps, but portable display walls, too. Renting them is usually the right call.

Portable Walls and Trade Shows

A trade show may take place at a convention center or other large, rent-able space, and during the event, businesses large and small alike will create physical booths and displays to show off their brand names and attract new customers and business clients. A good display will have not only a table for brochures and papers, but also portable display walls that may form a three-sided cubicle of sorts. On those portable display walls, the booth’s staff may put up posters, banners, or even video screens, to create an eye-catching display in a room full of competing displays.

A good trade booth will draw attention to itself with those displays, and the sales reps will speak with interested guests and answer any questions that they may have. With physical displays and human communication, a booth may be highly effective at drawing in new customers and promoting the brand’s name. In fact, some 92% of trade show attendees report that they are looking for new products being featured, and the posters and banners on portable display walls are a surefire way to find those new brands. Meanwhile, 72% of people at a trade show are there to get new leads on customers and clients.

Most likely, a business will not have its own portable display walls, especially not a smaller company with limited funds or storage space. Instead, that company’s owner may decide ahead of time to set up a trade show booth for an upcoming event, and that means appointing a sales rep team and printing off displays to use at the show. And, of course, they may rent tables and chairs for the booth, as well as visit rental companies that offer portable display walls and other modular wall systems. It is a good idea to look over these wares in person, to double check their size, condition, and type of material. Some such walls might have fabric walls, or cork board or even wire lattices. The desired number and type of walls will be rented, and when the trade show is about to start, the rental company’s crew will deliver the client’s wall system and set it all up. It is now ready for use. Most often, these portable wall units are light enough so that workers can move them around by hand.

At Museums

Trade shows are an ideal place to use these temporary wall systems and wall panels. Modern art museums will have permanent wall space where art can be placed, but they can also make use of portable display walls available for rent. A museum’s staff may rent and set up these temporary wall units in an empty room or other open space, and arrange them as desired, such as near lighting fixtures. Art pieces such as paintings and sketches can be placed on those temporary walls to create a temporary gallery, and that may be useful for experimenting with new art genres or displaying the works of amateur local artists. A museum might also do this to create a temporary gallery to match the current season or an upcoming holiday, or any other occasion.

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