Planning a New Marketing Strategy? Hire an Internet Marketing Firm

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It seems like nowadays everyone is connected to the internet some way. Be it via their laptops, smartphones, or tablets, more people are connected now more than ever before, so it would only make sense for companies to invest in internet marketing. That?s where internet marketing firms come into play. These firms exist to help companies craft successful internet marketing plans and improve their web design to better reach their customer base so they can have the best internet marketing strategy out there.

So how to companies know that the internet, particularly the mobile internet, is the place to go to market their goods and services to their customer base? It?s simple. Studies suggest that, as of 2014, mobile internet usage overtook desktop internet usage. This has been made possible due to the fact that, globally, there are over 4 billion phones. Over a quarter of those phones are smartphones, meaning they can access the internet. That?s a pretty substantial number.

Companies also need to begin investing in internet marketing campaigns because many average Americans spend a shocking amount of time each day online. Whether they?re browsing social media pages, reading the news, or scrolling through Google, the average person truly is connected for a large chunk of the day. How much? Well, the average American spends 2.7, almost three hours a day just scrolling around on their mobile device.

When crafting an internet marketing campaign, internet marketing firms can help companies a lot by ensuring that their mobile app or mobile web page is up to par. How? Simply by making it user-friendly and to the point. Users won?t spend a lot of time on one page, and they won?t take the time to sit and read everything. Instead, they scroll. So part of the job of internet marketing firms is to make sure that websites have good web design and are transparent, simple, and easy to navigate. That?s what users prefer, not complexity.

Lastly, internet marketing firms will help companies get their message out via social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook. They know the best time to post updates and statuses that help draw attention to the company.

So if you’re in the midst of planning out a new marketing strategy or campaign, consider investing in an internet marketing firm. They?ll help your company catch up to this new Internet and mobile-friendly age.

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