Email Appending Services Provide Targeted Sales Leads

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Email appending services is a marketing strategy that involves comparing an existing customer database to a vendor’s database to obtain any available missing email addresses. Email appending services provide the following benefits:

  • Increases the number of customer contacts.
  • Provides multiple levels of marketing channels
  • Decreases dependence on traditional communication models like broadcast mailings and emailings
  • Reduces communication cost by helping you target a specific audience
  • Drives website traffic by bringing the most interested users to your site

A simple example of the use of email appending services is when a business has a very specific customer they would like to reach. For example, an automobile insurance customer wants to reach potential customers. Since it would make absolutely no sense to market automobile insurance to customers without cars, this insurance company would instead want access to a database of customers that obviously have cars — people who get their vehicle oil changed, people who have registered their cars for parking permits, etc.
Business to business (B2B) marketing companies can offer email appending services to customers as part of a greater mail list service. List brokers categorize and sort customer databases according to specific needs and requests. This matters because relevant emails, those that are directed toward targeted customers, drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails, those that are sent to every address a company has.
One of the most difficult challenges B2B marketers face when generating leads is generating high-quality leads. Broadcast emails are ineffective, so a random list of leads is not helpful. Email append services, however, help your business overcome online marketing challenges and increase your chance to succeed in today’s competitive market place. The best services can deliver the greatest email append results in the shortest amount of time. You can have access to email append database and the email append databases of that company’s other top rated data providers.
Personalized emails have been shown to improve click-through rates by as much as 14%. In addition, conversion rates can improve by 10% when your business uses personalized emails. The best place for your company to get specific, targeted email lists is through successful telemarketing lead brokers. If you are a siding, roof or gutter company you can acquire residential email lists; if you are an agent that sells renters insurance you can acquire renter email lists. That’s the real strength of appending services, you can ask for, and receive, the specific information that will most benefit your company. Quit wasting your time and marketing money and direct your efforts toward the most likely clients and customers.

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