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Waste management services and plastic recycling companies are becoming more of a commonplace in our modern world. Since we are now industrialized and mass produce products, consumption is higher than it has ever been before. We have become that throwaway society and as such more people are becoming aware of the volume of waste we are producing. Only thirty percent of the nearly seventy percent of the waste produced is recycled. There has been a push for recycling and more consumers are being educated as to what to recycle. Most commonly, glass, plastic, paper and aluminum are targeted by plastic recycling companies for collections at recycle centers.

Plastic recycling companies are a popular addition to traditional waste management services. Now, in addition to a regular trash pickup, most communities have a blue box program for homeowners to place their recyclable items into for collection. Plastic recycling companies sort materials and distribute the materials to other companies who can use the raw materials to make new products. While homeowners are doing their part, businesses have not embraced recycling to the same extent.

When you think about the amount of paper in an office or the number of boxes an internet sales company uses, it is easy to see areas in which businesses could be recycling. Plastic recycling companies offer businesses consulting services to identify areas where they can improve their recycling efforts and support the environment. Many stores have moved to using plastic bags that are easy to recycle and use less energy to produce than a paper bag. Plus, they offer bins at their locations to place bags in for recycling. If recycling is not made easy, no one will do it. Plastic recycling companies will identify and offer suggestions as to ways to make recycling products hassle free.

If you own a business or if you are an employee of a company which does not have a recycling program, do something! Contact plastic recycling companies in your area and ask how they can help you assess your needs and start a recycling program. It is easier than you think.

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