Plastics Providing Picnic Essentials and Jobs

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Medical device plastic injection molding

It is nearly everywhere we look these days. In the cars we drive, the medical supplies that save lives, in elements of footwear and accessories that adorn us, in our lunches we pack to take to work or on a picnic, the water bottles that go with us when we exercise, and in countless other places and items we encounter all day long every day. Trying to imagine what life would look like without plastic might very well be an impossible feat, or at least nearly so. A component so integrated into our lives, plastic and the manufacturing industry behind it don’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

From food packaging containers manufacturers to 3D printing
The uses for plastics are so numerous they could almost be considered limitless. The plastics manufacturing industry is valued in the billions, and in 2012 alone, manufacturers of the product shipped around $373 billion in products and goods. Around 900,000 employees work in the plastics manufacturing industry in some capacity or another. And the industry is considered the third largest manufacturing industry in the country. It’s no wonder, with such a high demand across the board.
Easily disposable plates, utensils, and drinkware products are a must for many people at so many different types of events, from birthday parties and picnics to graduation celebrations and work potlucks. Along that same vein, many food packaging containers manufacturers know the high demand for their products, as plastic containers are such a popular go-to for food storage.

Bringing it all home
It isn’t just about the food packaging containers manufacturer who has his or her job cut out with such a high demand. One big focus of the booming plastics industry within the United States is just that: that it is within the United States. There has been such a push in the past for cheaper workforce options and taking jobs offshore, but thankfully the more recent trend is to bring jobs back home. This reshoring process creates jobs for so many people that had previously gone without. And there is a growing sense of pride for products and materials that are made in the United States.
People appreciate the quality that goes into the finished product that makes the manufacturer proud to be a part of the process. And the fact that consumers know where the product is coming from also eases the worry that it was a result of child labor or sweat shops in places around the globe that have less strict enforcement for the care of workers. This growing global consciousness is another step in the right direction.

As long as we as a species continue to take steps in the right direction, which includes the proper recycling of plastics, we will continue to make advancements that become integral and necessary to our every day lives. And as we continue on this path of advancement, it becomes exciting to imagine what new product, material, or substance will be the new thing that we cannot live without?

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