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In our technologically savvy age, good old fashioned signage is being overlooked as a solid advertising strategy. This is a dubious attitude, because, believe it or not, even in the age of Google, 35% of people would have had no idea this or that business existed had it not been for a sign! What’s more, 32% of people polled in a recent business development survey stated that they visited a business later in the week simply because they’d seen a sign for it. To put it in quantifiable terms, the value of a sign is the same as 24 full page ads taken out in a newspaper annually!
Whether you’re looking at signs for churches, signs for government offices, or a sign for your businesses, we strongly recommend you pick a consistent signage strategy that is both cheap and flexible. To get inspired about this advice column, we drove around town and took a closer look at what other businesses were doing.
And do you know what we passed? First we passed a school marquee — a grounds keeper was changing the date of the football game with big plastic letters and numbers. Then we passed several marquee signs advertising church services along with funny slogans like “As God looks around no one does it like his clique.” (That particular church marquee had vibrant rainbow lettering). When we passed a marquee advertising the new lottery jackpot, we began to notice a pattern.
Marquee signs for businesses are on the rise, and we don’t blame people! Marquee signs for businesses solve a lot of problems at once, including:
1. Flexibility
At my old job, we put on a bi-annual event at the same convention center every year. Sometimes we got meeting room 2, and sometimes we got meeting room 3. Every time we got a different room, we’d either have to re-print the posters or paste the other number over the printed number awkwardly. The effect was sloppy and not professional. Marquee signs for businesses solve the problem of changing dates, times, locations, and messaging in a simple and elegant way — removable, non-permanent text! This will also help you in another way…
2. Cost
Marquee signs for businesses are a gift from above from those outfits who want to save on Staples copy costs. As long as you have the sign space and the lettering, you can say whatever you need to say, no printing appointment required.
3. Clarity
Nowadays, it seems like the busier your signage is and the flashier the graphics, the better it is considered. But on our drive, we saw a sign for a business called “pizza galaxy.” It featured blue pizza with green glittery peppaproni. Our first thought was, “We do NOT want to eat that pizza!” Marquee signs for businesses ensure a clarity of message that can’t really be replaced. Furthermore, their sheer size is eye-catching — marquee signs for businesses don’t NEED flashy graphics because they practically hit people in the face from twenty yards away.
Just remember, the next time you’re in the market for a sign, keep it simple, keep it large, keep it cheap, and above all, keep it classy with a marquee sign.

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