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Unemployment has been an especially pointed problem in the United States since the recession of 2007. In times of recession employers typically cut back and freeze their search for employees and cut positions. In times of lofty unemployment such as these, it can be more than difficult for even skilled and experienced employees to secure adequate, full time employment. Resources staffing can be a viable option for workers of various experience and skill sets.

During an employer job search, a worker seeking an employer hiring workers with her or his skills and experience, might turn to a resources staffing agency. Resources staffing agencies can help match a worker with an employer who is seeking to fill a position with a worker who possesses a specific skill set. Staffing employment agencies usually advertise their services on most internet job search sites, as well as at unemployment centers. When an unemployed worker decides to seek employment through a resources staffing agency, he or she can contact one of a number of resources staffing agencies by email or telephone.

When speaking with a resources staffing agency representative, the job seeker will usually be presented with a set of general, and more specific, questions similar to a job interview. However, in this case there is no pressure, because the interview is aimed at helping the individual to find the right job, not to evaluate an individual for a position. While there are a number of free employment agencies and employment databases available online, a resources staffing agency will sit the job seeker down with an actual human being. The advantage of speaking with an agent over the phone, or even face to face, is obvious; while most online job search sites will feed you a list of the same old jobs day after day, including positions that have been filled for weeks, a resources staffing agency will provide a job seeker with up to date information and the latest job vacancies.

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