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Delta cooling towers

Closed loop cooling systems were developed to prevent over heating by releasing waste heat into the atmosphere. These cooling systems come in a variety of sizes and product types. One is the forced draft cooling tower, which cooling tower manufacturers assemble in factories in single modules that range from 10 to 100 tons of cooling modules. Another is the induced draft cooling tower systems that are made from 100 to 250 tons. They are also available in 6 single cell modules that range from 100 to 250 cooling tons with a low profile design.

Evaporative cooling towers release the hot water into the air, preventing it from collecting within the tower and over heating the system. Most closed loop cooling systems are made from Polyethylene walls which do not corrode and can last for a long time. Other towers are available in 250 to 2000 cooling tons made of multiple module systems. These closed loop cooling systems are made from double walled Polyethylene walls which are designed in two separate sections for easy shipment. This type of closed loop cooling systems includes a tower with wet decking, hot water distributions system, mist eliminator and the motor or fan assemblies.

The use of corrosive proof towers ensure that the towers will not rust, crack or chip, eliminating the need for costly repair or replacement. Such cooling towers are low maintenance and their single shell design make them unique and reduce the risk of performance or integrity issues. These towers can help reduce both energy and physical waste by decreasing the amount of maintenance that goes into these towers, and ensuring that they will last longer with little care. The closed loop cooling systems keep production running and prevent damage to the environment through waste and contamination. The variety of products allow companies to choose which product is right for them without sacrificing the quality of the products. References: deltacooling.com

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