Why You Need the Right Kind of Cooling Tower

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Across many industries, water management is a large concern — particularly in the wake of massive droughts across the country and world at large. Because of this, more businesses are seeking to find large and small cooling towers that are more energy efficient and can better manage their water needs. Check out why Delta small cooling towers are the best option:
They Resist Corrosion
When metal and water meet, corrosion is often an expected result. However, when it comes to cooling towers, not many people consider the risk. Buildup from factors such as scale, growth, various deposits, and corrosion can lower the efficiency of a cooling tower by more than 5%. This also means that inevitable repair, repainting, and cooling tower replacement will likely ensue. Unlike other cooling towers, delta towers are made from a durable yet seamless kind of plastic that helps you to avoid issues of corrosion that often happen to metal towers.

They’re Cost Effective
Corrosion in and of itself poses expensive risks to any cooling tower. As previously mentioned, replacement, repair, and repainting are often inevitable, and these are extremely costly endeavors for any water management company to undertake. Delta cooling towers are by default a more cost-effective option, as its materials are more cost-effective. Additionally, these cooling towers have fewer ongoing maintenance costs than traditional metal cooling tower systems.

They’re the Energy Efficient Option
When it comes to energy efficiency, durability is everything. The plastic construction of Delta water cooling towers allow a cooling tower company to better run their systems, resulting in increases cycles of concentration and less water blow-down. This results in significant water saving. Additionally, the general design of plastic cooling towers use less energy, and reduces the amount of wasted water that runs through your building. Giving back to our planet is the least we can do, and these kinds of cooling towers will help your business or establishment to leave a smaller carbon footprint.

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