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In this video, you will learn how to come up with a feasible, practical, and sustainable business idea. Some commonly known ideas include business loaning services like Microfinance. However, this video shares the top 20 profitable business ideas for industrial business supplies.

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Many entrepreneurs dream of business ideas, but many ideas are not feasible or profitable. They search for ideas online, you can’t always find good solid business ideas. This video outlines 20 business ideas in industrial business supplies. Some of these ideas are:
– start a business of TMT bars, stainless steel sheets plates, and rods
– Start a business of metal type and plumbing fittings
Start distribution of steel and stainless steel products.
– Start manufacturing of industrial oil seals o-rings rubber o-ring rubber rings and seals
– Start manufacturing of chisels and professional hand tools like scissors, toolbox punches, electrician tools, and casting hardware tools
– Start distribution of electric fittings and brass electrical components
As you consider these, remember that it’s best to start a business you know or have expertise in. If your expertise is business loaning, stick to that lane and when you need another business idea, watch this video for the list of ideas to consider.

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