Re-Design Outdoor Spaces to Win Over More Customers

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Is your building or parking lot poorly lit? Is paint peeling off the walls? Revamping exteriors and outdoor spaces can easily improve overall aesthetics and sustainability, while attracting more patrons and customers. From classy, colonial outdoor lighting fixtures to bold color schemes, learn how business owners and public officials are drawing people in.

It’s All In the Details (Classy Lighting Fixtures Brighten Up Exteriors, and Draw Crowds!)

Lighting, including street light posts and commercial outdoor lighting fixtures, serve two purposes. First, lighting ensures that patrons in would-be dark areas — such as parking lots — are safe. Second, street lamp posts and other outdoor lights catch the eye and attract patrons’ and/or consumers’ attention. A few well-chosen accents, such as colonial outdoor lighting fixtures, can turn a drab and understated outdoor area into an unforgettable one.

Eye-Catching Color Schemes

“In a world of master-planned, one-size-fits-all architectural schemes, exterior color can serve as a structure’s defining feature, bringing character and life to an otherwise blank canvas,” paint experts Dunn-Edwards explains. “The trend toward more varied exterior colors has become increasingly prevalent in the residential space. And commercial buildings, in an effort to stand out from the competition and be more appealing to customers, are quickly following suit, moving from monochromatic and white palettes to a rainbow of color infusion.” Striking reds and golds are especially popular. Others, however, are keeping it a bit more traditional — with sage greens and coffees — while still experimenting with color.

A Room With a View

Compelling scenery immediately engages consumers and/or patrons. A growing number of restaurants are choosing locations with a view and designing interiors and exteriors to best show it off. Business owners and public officials should keep in mind that an understated, white or monochromatic theme will complement natural lighting — and play up spectacular views.

Don’t settle for drab. Breathe new life into boring outdoor spaces, and your patrons, customers — and likely even your bank account — will thank you for it. Check out this site for more:

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