Custom Blister Packaging Designs Help Drug Manufacturers Make Their Products Stand Out

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Blister packaging services

One of the most interesting facets of the massive pharmaceutical industry is that powerful manufacturers depend on much smaller pharma packaging services in order to make sure that their drugs make it safely to consumer medicine cabinets. Drug companies have multiple options when it comes to packaging their products, but many choose blister packaging designs. The fact that they are highly customizeable and dependable make blister packs a perfect choice for many manufacturers.
Perhaps the greatest reason why plastic blister packaging has become so popular is that it can be tweaked and adjusted with all kinds of color, style, and container options. As a result, manufacturers are better able to make their drugs stand out on shelves and hopefully attract the eye of consumers who aren’t quite sure which medicine will work best. Of course, the formable web that is used to protect unit doses and the air-tight foil wrapper are essential for making sure drugs maintain their effectiveness, regardless of the specific blister packaging designs companies want.
The need for people to constantly be on the go and able to save space has led to an increased use in “clamshell” blister packages. They get their name from the fact that it folds into a c-like shape to hold the same amount of pills in a smaller space. That can be quite advantageous for moms who need to keep their kids’ medicine on them or consumers who want their allergy pills with them at all times just in case.
Because marketing is so important in the pharmaceutical industry — for better or worse — carded blister packages have also become popular. Essentially, they allow both manufacturers and retailers to include promotion or advertising materials designed to make consumers want to buy products again. While some might be disheartened by the fact that manufacturers spend much more on marketing than on research and development, that is the reality of today’s marketplace. Consequently, carded packs are common.
Massive drug manufacturers that generate several billion dollars a year would struggle to consistently meet consumers demands without working with packaging services. Not only would they get backed up and fail to make shipments on time, but products could go bad or get damaged in transit if they are not packaged properly. Plus, bland packaging could lead to reduced sales numbers. That means drug companies will spend lots of time considering multiple blister packaging designs and customizing their own to gain stronger footing in the competitive marketplace. Find out more about this topic here:

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