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Staffing employment

As part of your employer job search, you will want to follow several key tips to recruit and hire the best new employee. You have far more options than ever before to search for employees.

In addition to the traditional solicitation for resumes, you can find potential employees in less than expected places. First, as part of your employer hiring search, you should make sure you have a relationship with the career placement divisions at schools and universities. You should also be sure to network with recruiters and executive search firms. They may have the perfect candidate for your employer job search if you stay top of mind.

Resources staffing will generate interest from those candidates that are actively looking, but do not forget to contact those that are not currently looking. Job boards have resumes posted for some of those candidates, that you can contact regardless of their job search status. Expand your employer job search to include them, you never know what their current situation might be and how receptive they are to your employer job search efforts.

Internal candidates are often overlooked when beginning your employer job search, but typically they can jump into a new role without a lot of training. This means that you are constantly staffing employment opportunities with less overhead. When looking at internal candidates as part of your employer job search, using an exclusively internal search to begin can also go a long way to improving employee perception.

Even if you do not find an appropriate internal candidate, your current employees can help with your search. They may have excellent recommendations for someone that can hit their stride immediately. In terms of position requirements, they can help craft role responsibility guidelines and better focus your skills search. Also, use employees to filter resumes and to help interview. They are in a unique position to help determine which candidate is the better fit.

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