Relationship Between Final Drive Maintenance and Warranty Program

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Business today are ensuring that customers get the value for the products and services they buy from them. One of the main benefits that customers get is an extended warranty for all the equipment bought. For instance, if you purchase final drive motors for caterpillars from, you can be sure that you will get a lengthy warranty period that will help in repairing this equipment in case of defects.

However, there are some things you can do or not do to your final drive motors for caterpillars and end up losing the warranty. If you want to stay within the boundaries of warranty program, here are some of the things you should know.

1. Skipping Reasonable Maintenance

For your caterpillar to work as expected, you have to carry out reasonable repairs and maintenance. For example, you’re supposed to change your final drive gear oil once a year. Your excavator drive motor must stay in a healthy state for it to operate with high efficiency. If the final drive motor for a caterpillar is opened only for the oil to produce a horrible smell, you will find it hard to access any form of warranty. All indications show that you have not been changing the oil as recommended by manufacturer’s guidelines.

2. Incorrect Installation of Final Drive

Customers will always try to install replacement final drive motors for caterpillars without asking for professional assistance. Obviously, the customers want to save money by handling final drive motors installation on their own. However, in case the Komatsu final drive motor is installed incorrectly, and the drive is damaged, there will be no warranty services. The defects have not caused the damage to the equipment; poor installation is responsible.

3. Contaminated Hydraulic Fluid

If the final drive motors for caterpillars are exposed to contaminated hydraulic fluid, the resulting damage will not be covered by the warranty program. It is the responsibility of the customers to make sure that they are using clean hydraulic fluid in their caterpillar final drive travel motors. Manufacturer’s recommendations should be followed to the letter because they highlight the fluid and filters to be used.

4. Disassembling the Final Drive

If the customer decides to work on the travel motor and then send it to the supplier, it is no longer covered by the warranty. Customers are always notified to seek assistance from the supplier if their final drives have any problem other than trying to solve the problem by themselves. The issue will be fixed at the company by experts and the costs covered by the warranty.

5. Obstruction in the Return Line

As the owner of a Komatsu heavy machinery, you have to take care of the obstructions that happen in the return line. If you fail to take care of obstructions, the final drive cannot be blamed for any form of failure that will happen. The case drain also needs to be unblocked to prevent pressure from rising. In situations where the blocked return line causes damages to the final drive, the warranty is voided.

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