Shine Bright and Be Business Smart with an LED Sign

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When considering new and innovative techniques to traditional advertising, it might be a bright idea to research LED signs. Whether you’re looking for marquee signs for schools, church marquee signs, commercial business signs or signs for government, there are many benefits to LED signs and the bottom line is that they get great results.

Take the idea of marquee signs for schools, for example. There are numerous possibilities for creating this display. Some would include a scrolling marquee sign, an outdoor LED display, or even electronic message boards for schools. In a world of high-tech sophistication, marquee signs for schools will have to be innovative, eye-catching and competitive.

If you haven’t yet considered LED signs, this may be the time to get involved and inform yourself. Of the global lighting market, 53% is estimated to be penetrated by LEDs in 2019. So if you think that LED lighting is a futuristic concept, think again. The future is now!

And let’s look at dollars and cents. Signage definitely has a significant impact on sales. In fact there have been studies done which show this to be true. Sales revenue actually has been shown to improve directly when a sign is added, or changed. In addition, studies also show that bigger is better: when a large sign was put up instead of a smaller wall sign, and it was shown to result in a 7.7% increase in revenue.

We live in a very busy time. We live in an age where we are constantly bombarded with advertisements, and exposed to visual and auditory stimulation. People need to get noticed; it is very easy to just walk past something without really seeing it. This is the same for your business, your church group or your school. In fact, 35% of people questioned actually said that if it had not been for a sign catching their attention, they would not have even noticed the business at all. Don’t let this happen to you!

To sum up, for all the advantages of marquee signs for schools and other establishments, for all the ways we can think to advertise, there is one lasting, illuminating thought: be the light. With a good promotion and a little imagination, you can create signage that will get your message across in a creative and appealing way. What a bright idea!

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