5 Ways to Boost Business With an Attractive LED Sign

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Having an appealing outdoor sign is essential to attracting foot traffic to your front door. Here is how you can bring in new business with an LED sign.

  1. Keep the text short and sweet. People who are driving and walking by your sign will only have a few seconds to read it. If they cannot decipher your message immediately, your outdoor LED display will end up being a waste of both time and money. Business signs should provide enough information to entice passersby in as few words as possible.
  2. Make sure your sign is easy to read. Choosing the right font is essential. If people cannot read your text, what?s the point? Keep the font simple. LED sign company professionals recommend using a sans serif font that is clear and legible. Older individuals will need larger fonts. Always make your text a little bigger than you think it will need to be.
  3. Use a simple color palette. Just because full color LED signs provide you with so many options doesn?t mean you should use all of them. The colors you choose will impact how difficult or easy it is to read and recognize your sign. Think about Best Buy; when you drive past a Best Buy, you recognize their sign immediately because of its size and simple but effective color palette.
  4. Keep the content fresh. Outdoor LED business signs are super easy to change, so you should use this to your advantage by changing it up every once in a while. Why keep the same old sign day after day, week after week? When you keep the text relevant and fresh, it will draw attention and get people excited about your business.
  5. Be creative. Your sign is the first point of contact between your business and your customers. Make sure it accurately represents your brand and your products or services. But also, have fun with it! Find a creative way to draw attention to your business.

Call an LED sign company today to learn more about representing your business with a cool and colorful sign.

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