Should You Become and HVAC Contractor?

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As anyone can see, the cost of higher education has skyrocketed in the past few years. Workers going on their third or fourth jobs are still paying off their student loan debt, and millions of students are taxed with paying off their own education every year. This has resulted in several young people aiming to be in professions and industries where they don’t require years of college study. For instance, an HVAC tech usually only needs less that a year of study. This video outlines some of the many reasons people are moving towards becoming an HVAC contractor versus other collegiate industries.

First of all, HVAC contractors and techs are in huge demand. With the housing crisis still well underway, there is no shortage of work for people working on air conditioners and heating services.

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Secondly, HVAC school is usually less than a year, costing substantially less than other trade school and universities. You can even get your certification online with tutors. There are many resources online to help you succeed in the trade, as well as a substantial salary for doing a job correctly.


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