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Let’s talk about wedding bands, AKA one of the biggest investments you will ever purchase! There is a giant scale for ring prices, and the amount of sizes and styles can be enough to overwhelm just about anybody. Once you know you’re ready to start the daunting process of finding the perfect wedding bands for you and your partner, there are plenty of things to look out for when you hit the jewelry shops. This video details a few of the most common mistakes that couples make when they go shopping for such a big investment, from a wedding band jeweler himself!

Many factors go into the choosing of such a precious item. Be sure to think about the colors that your wedding will include.

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You don’t want a clashing color to interfere with the big day! Additionally, you need to consider how simple or ornate you want your wedding bands to be. Simpler styles are often better for day-to-day use, while more ornate styles should be used less sparingly. Finally, wedding rings take a while to make. If you plan on making the big purchase soon, then plan ahead if you want to avoid big fees.

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