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Steam Cleaning Systems An Effective and Efficient Method to Improve Home and Workplace Cleanliness

Dry vapor steamers

It should go without saying that keeping businesses and other public areas clean and sanitary is important. This prevents potential health hazards and frankly, it’s good for business. The cleaning industry itself is booming, and on an annual basis generates over $168 billion throughout the globe.

The Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is an excellent method to address a variety of issues. These systems are able to sanitize surfaces and eliminate chemical residue. Another benefit of using steamers rather than other cleaning methods is that just 1.5 quarts of water is used for every hour of usage. Furthermore, steam cleaning isn’t messy, and is a more efficient way to clean.

Steam Cleaning and Dust Mites

If dust mites are on items such as household textiles, they should be washed at a minimum of 130 degrees Fahrenheit. When they are on surfaces, dry vapor steamers can be used effectively. This is because steamers are able to thoroughly penetrate surfaces with temperatures that exceed 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Steam Cleaning and Bed Bugs

It’s important to note that steam can kill bed bugs in gaps as well as on surfaces, such as furniture. Steam can accomplish this in up to a 2-3/8 inch gap and can penetrate fabric surfaces up to 3/4 of an inch.

Steam Cleaning and Household Germs and Bacteria

Household germs and bacteria can also be killed by steam cleaning. This method is able to kill 99% of the most common types of bacteria such as E.Coli, salmonella, and staph.

Steam Cleaning and the Food Industry

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that every year, 1 out of 6 people in the United States become ill from consuming contaminated foods and/or beverages. This occurs due to the following types of hazards and contaminants:

Biological contaminates, for example, would include microorganisms. Chemical contaminants would include substances such as cleaning solvents and pest control. Hair, dirt, and other types of debris are examples of physical contaminants.

Steam Cleaning and Bathroom Sanitizing

It’s not surprising that a recent survey showed that 29% of its participants wouldn’t return to a restaurant that had unsanitary bathrooms. Steam cleaning, as opposed to traditional cleaning methods, has been shown to be even more effective for sanitizing bathrooms. For instance, when superheated steam was used to clean faucet handles and paper towel dispenser handles, these surfaces had 1/10th the number of germs than with the other cleaning methods.

Library Study on Steam Cleaning

The University of Washington conducted a trial at their Odegard Library. On a daily basis, this library is used by as many as 15,000 students. Given the time it took to clean the library’s bathrooms, they wanted to compare their existing cleaning methods with a superheated steam cleaning system.

The results of the trial showed that it took less time to clean each bathroom with a superheated steam cleaning system. While their existing methods had taken 46 minutes per bathroom, steam cleaning took 42.5 minutes. This demonstrates that steam cleaning is also a more efficient way to maintain sanitary conditions.

Experience the Difference with Dry Vapor Steam

When you want to ensure that your home, business, or other type of establishment is clean and sanitary, using dry vapor steam can make a difference. Since steam cleaning systems can be used for a variety of purposes, from ridding homes of dust mites and bed bugs to sanitizing restaurant and library bathrooms, it makes sense to use this method as opposed to traditional cleaning methods.

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