Taking A Look Behind The Importance Of Charitable Clothing Donations

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If you’re like most people living in the United States, it is quite likely indeed that you have a surplus of clothing in your home. After all, the average person to day buys up to double what someone just 20 years ago (and living in the same country) would have bought. In addition to this, it has been found that the average woman today now has, on average, around 30 separate outfits to choose from. This means that she, effectively, has triple the number of outfits that someone living about 100 years in the past would have had.

This leaves the vast majority of us with too much clothes, more clothes than we can feasibly wear on a regular basis. After all, how often have you yourself bought something and then only worn it once or twice before growing tired of it? How many of your clothing articles hang unused in your closets or gathering dust in your drawers? At some point, doing a closet purge is likely to be something that is hugely helpful to you, as living with too much clutter is something that many people find to be quite stressful indeed.

But how should you purge your clothing? What articles of clothing should you look to part with? Ideally, you will give away anything that no longer fits you. If you live in a climate where there are only one or two seasons, then getting rid of anything you haven’t worn in at least six months is also likely to be more than ideal. And this brings up yet another question – once you have decided what clothes you’re getting rid of, what should you do with them?

For all too many people, the answer is to simply throw them away. After all, the data supports this claim and shows that this holds very true for a great many. In fact, it shows that up to 70 pounds of textiles will be discarded on a yearly basis by just one person in the United States. With only around 15% of all people donating their clothes instead of just throwing them away, up to ten and a half million tons of various kinds of textile waste is added to landfills throughout the United States on a yearly basis. Unfortunately, this only adds to the growing waste problem faced not just here in the United States, but all throughout the world in its entirety as well.

As very nearly all of textile products are able to be donated, taking time to donate clothes instead of simply just throwing them away can make a big difference. After all, a single year will see more than four and a half billion pounds of clothing given as charitable clothing donations and saved from the landfill, a number that has already risen quite dramatically in recent years.

Of course, once deciding to donate clothing you will need to decide where exactly this donated clothing should go. For many people, wounded veterans charities are the perfect place to send such clothing – and even other types of donations as well. Wounded veterans charities are up and running in many parts of the country, making said wounded veterans charities easy to donate to. In addition to this, wounded veterans charities help a great many people, for not only do wounded veterans charities help veterans, wounded veterans charities also help the families of said veterans as well. Therefore, donations of clothing to wounded veterans charities can do a lot of good, to say the very least.

At the end of the day, making a used clothing donation is something that just about everyone will be able to do. After all, having a true surplus of clothing is quite common indeed for a great many people – and knowing how to manage this surplus of clothing is something that can go a long way towards bettering the world. Instead of simply throwing your old clothing away, choosing to donate it to a place such as a wounded veterans charity can really make a difference. When you donate to wounded veterans charities, after all, you ensure that you help out a good many people in need.

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