Taking A Much Closer Look At Signage And How We Use It

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Signage is a part of life in many parts of the world and especially throughout our own country. After all, the typical adult person in this country will see as many as 3,000 different and varying advertisements over of the course of just one day, to put things into a greater perspective. For many people, much of these advertisements will be signs.

Billboards, for instance, are a hugely popular type of signage. This is so very much the case that more than 70% of all people who drive past them will pay attention to billboards, even if they don’t end up paying attention to absolutely every single one. And up to 58% of the adult population has gone to a restaurant as the result of a billboard, trying out something new, something that they otherwise would not have ad access to. In addition to this, the same percentage of adults has also attended at least one event or show that they first learned about from a billboard that they passed by.

But for all of the importance of this outdoor signage, indoor and on site signage is just as important, if not even more so. After all, research shows that having on site signage at any given retail establishment can be equivalent, from a business standpoint, to taking out as many as 24 full page newspaper ads over the course of just one single year. And studies have shown that even fully priced merchandise will sell up to 20% better than similar merchandise that has not had the benefit of on site signage in all of its various forms. And many people simply won’t enter an establishment at all if there is no signage outside of it or even on the inside. Therefore, it is quite clear and easy to see that on site signage is a powerful, even critical, advertising tool.

Of course, not all types of signage in our world are geared towards the buying and selling of goods. The typical school marquee board is a good example of this, School marquee boards are hugely common throughout the country, and come in all different shapes and sizes – more than you probably realize, especially if you do not have children yourself. Of course, the typical school marquee board is still quite present in the world, but more high tech versions of this standard school marquee board are also breaking onto the scene.

For instance, the scrolling marquee sign has become a popular variety of school marquee board. This type of school marquee board is hugely useful, as it can display truly more information than ever before. Of course, the typical school marquee board will display some level of important information, but the more high version of the typical school sign board will be able to cycle through that information, thus letting people (particularly those who are members of the school community in question) stay up to date on important goings on for the school for which the board displays information for.

Outdoor LED signs have also become popular to be used as the school marquee board. The use of outdoor schools signs with LED lights means that these school LED signs can be used at truly any time of day. Therefore, someone driving past the school during evening hours, once darkness has already fallen, will still be able to get some potentially crucial information surrounding the school of their child or children. This can have a big impact, one that is potentially bigger than many people actually and actively realize.

In addition to the school marquee sign, the use of signs for churches is also quite commonplace. Much like the typical school, churches usually have a good deal of information to impart. From worship times to youth group meetings, all of this and more (often in the form of inspirational and spiritual messages) can be displayed on the typical church sign board. The same such sign types can be used for signs for government purposes as well, where they can fill a truly important role for the well being and overall ability of function of just about any given community in this country.

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