The Advantages Of Using Sanitary Butterfly Valves In Your Industry

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Sanitary butterfly valves are used in many industries for regulating the flow of liquids from a pipe or tube. When it comes to choosing from the sanitary valves available, there are many reasons why industries choose sanitary butterfly valves over other options. In fact there are a couple major advantages that you should know about when trying to decide if this type is for you.

The Advantages Of Sanitary Butterfly Valves

  • Due to the fact that valve plates and seals are imported for this type, the performance and service life is greatly increased when compared to other options. This is because parts can be easily swapped and replaced as needed to prolong the life of the valve.
  • The interchangeability is aided by the use of high precision parts that can be used to lathe all the components of the sanitary butterfly valve.

These two points combined help prevent uncertainty of performance when using a stainless steel butterfly valve. Another couple advantages can include:

  • Nylon that is inlaid into the valve stem helps reduce friction which makes it so that the closing and opening action is more flexible.
  • Because sanitary butterfly valves are made from stainless steel, they are easy to sanitize, and have a lower risk of contamination.
  • The diameter of the valve itself is typically equal to that of the pipe or tubing, and because of this, when it is opened, both the narrow and streamlined valve plates will be perpendicular with the flow of fluid.

These amount to a valve that is able to handle a large amount of flow without the worry of unnecessary resistance, and thus a lower risk of sediment accumulation in the valve itself.

  • The handles of the valve are also more capable of withstanding operating torque.
  • The closing and opening range will also fall between 0 to 90 degrees, and can be fixed at any position within in increments of 15 degrees. This adjustability also makes it easy to close, open, and operate overall.
  • These valves also typically use easy detachable connections, which means they are simpler to take apart for cleaning, sanitation, or maintenance.
  • The stainless steel make is light, and won’t attract dust or irritate skin that comes in contact with it.
  • To ensure high quality, butterfly valves are put through both sealing and strength tests before being sold as a final product. This means you can rely on them to last you for a very long time.
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