The Benefits of Installing a Wind Turbine


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Were you aware that in 2013, there were 229,237 farms in the United States? At that time, these farms had 55.3 million acres being irrigated.

The largest use of groundwater is for farm irrigation. There are approximately 53.5 billion gallons used on a daily basis. This groundwater comes from 407,923 wells located on farms throughout the United States.

Is your farm, or farm-related business, in need of a few repairs? If so, are you looking for tips for hiring a commercial construction company? A commercial construction company can provide a variety of construction, installation, and repair services:

    Agricultural storage buildings
    Concrete repair
    Exterior commercial concrete work
    Farm irrigation systems
    Grain storage system design
    Grain storage system
    Grain silo
    Wind turbine installation

Once any necessary repairs and/or construction is completed, have you considered installing one or more wind turbines? There are a number of benefits of wind turbines.

Currently, the amount of wind energy produced by existing turbines is sufficient to power 1.6 million homes. By 2020, it is estimated that there will be sufficient wind energy production to power 25 million homes on an annual basis.

Another benefit of wind farms is that they generate more power than they use. According to a University of Wisconsin study of Midwestern wind farms, it is estimated that these farms generate approximately 17-to-39 times the power that they use.

Furthermore, the University of Wisconsin found that when compared to nuclear and coal plants, nuclear power plants generated 16 times as much power as they used and coal plants generated only 11 times as much power than they used.

When wind power plants are compared with conventional power plants, they are also responsible for eliminating emissions that can enter the environment. On an annual basis, when comparing a 1 MW wind turbine as opposed to a conventional source of energy, this amounts to the following figures:

    1,500+ tons of carbon dioxide
    6.5 tons of sulfur dioxide
    3.2 tons of nitrogen oxides
    60 pounds of mercury

Whether you’re looking for tips for hiring a commercial construction company for repairs or new construction, consider the benefits of installing a wind turbine for your farm and home’s energy needs.

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