The Clothes In Your Closet The Benefits Of Donating Apparel

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In the United States, the apparel industry is quite large. This is understandable because people purchase many, many clothes. In fact, the average Americans purchases twice as many pieces of clothing today, than they did 20 years ago. When the seasons change, people buy clothes. When the latest trends emerge, people buy clothes. When it’s time to go on vacation, people buy clothes. And, their closets and dressers are over-flowing with fabrics of all kinds. However, there is something you can do about the clothes in your closet, especially if you have an ample amount! If you haven’t worn pieces of clothing for six months, you can let it go! It’s time for a little spring cleaning! It’s fun, easy, and there are many benefits!

If you’re ready, or in the process of getting rid of the clutter of clothes in your bedroom, here are some benefits of donating your clothing.

Clothing Donations

It is important to discuss clothing donations before discussing the benefit of donations. To begin, there is a certain time you should donate clothes, if you’re wondering when to donate clothes. Additionally, you should consider a few factors, and these factors will help you decide if it’s time to donate your clothes. First, consider if your style is changing. Have you worn every piece of clothing in your closet? In your dresser? Do you want to wear the pieces you have, or do you tend to gravitate toward buying different pieces? If you notice that you haven’t worn certain pieces in over a year, and you’ve been tempted to change your style, you can donate your clothes. Another factor to consider in order to find out when you should donate your clothing is size. This one can be slightly obvious. If your clothing no longer fits your body (whether if they are too small or too big), you can donate them. Lastly, if you’re moving. During a move, you’ll need as much space as you can get. Donating clothes you do not wear can possibly create more space and make packing easy.

The Benefits Of Donating Clothes

You can donate your clothes to various charity foundations such as the purple heart foundation, foundations that help children in need of clothing, and many, different non profit organizations. Whichever you choose, these foundations and organizations make donating simple.

For many organizations, including the purple heart foundation, you can opt for a pick up. A purple heart charity pick up is when you gather all of your clothes for donation into bags. Once they are in bags, you simply have to place your bags on your doorstep, and the purple heart charity pick up will come to pick up your clothing. A purple heart charity pick up actually has various benefits that are separate from the donation itself. When you use a purple heart charity pick up, you can still remain on your daily schedule! This is extremely important. Some Americans avoid donating clothing because they cannot drop the clothing off. If your schedule makes it difficult for you to drop off clothing, you can still help foundations and get your clothing donating by using the pick up option.

Helps People In Need: The first benefit of donating clothes is the fact that you are helping people in need. When you donate your clothing to organizations like purple heart, and wounded veterans charities, you are helping these veterans and their families get the clothes they need. You can also help people who have been involved in natural disasters. For people who have been involved in natural disasters such as hurricanes, they lose a lot. This includes their clothing. When you donate your clothing, you can help people who desperately need clothes.

Helps People Who Cannot Afford It: When you donate your clothing to certain charities, your charitable donation goes to people who cannot afford clothes. You are the source of their clothing!

Environment: You can help the environment when you donate your clothes. When people buy used clothing, that means new clothing does not have to be made. The process of creating new clothes can be harmful toward the environment. And so, donating clothes helps!

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