The Importance of Laboratory Notebooks In the Biomedical Industry

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When pursuing a degree in the sciences, students find that the price of course books is exceedingly pricey. Textbooks, supplies, and of course the accompanying laboratory notebooks add up over the years. It surprises some newer students to find how many books and workbooks are needed for each class. Yet as important as the textbooks are, it is the student lab notebooks that will prove to be the most needed.

The Difference Between Taking a Task Seriously Versus Not Is What You Write Down.

Writing down a task is said to make it real in your mind. Adults the world over find that a To-Do list helps them accomplish more each day. Life coaches insist that putting pen to paper can transform a wish into a goal. All of these reasons are true and measured in studies. But what does this have to do with science notebooks?

The Pharmaceutical Industry: Writing Down What You Know to Improve Upon It.

On average, a new vaccine or medicine to be developed and brought to the public takes between 10 and 15 years. That is a long time working towards a goal. The job of a scientist is to experiment, to try new things. However, this experimentation would be for nothing if it weren’t documented.

What Is the Projection For the Pharmaceutical Industry?

About 45% of the global pharmaceutical market is held by the U.S., so slightly less than half. Some estimates indicate a 23% growth for the biomedical field. Students considering their science lab notebooks wondering if they will ever be rid of them should understand what the job requires. It is always necessary to document your findings in science. It’s the only way we ever can move forward.

To create something out of nothing takes perseverance. It requires a level of grit. Good scientists take their failures and continue on in pursuit of the goal. In this case, it is finding a new medicine or vaccine. The goal is to create a substance that can help the public. Students just beginning their journey towards a science degree may become disheartened at times at the amount of work required. However, the work they put in at the beginning sets them up for success in their future career.

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