Top 3 Reasons to Choose Shipping Containers For Your Business or Home

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The world is looking increasingly more towards sustainability these days and there’s been growing interest in the use of shipping containers as office spaces, homes, and even pop up stores. Coupled with the fact that the modern workplace is continuing to change — more people telecommuting, less office space being needed per person, etc., — shipping containers for sale have become an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to create space. There are multiple benefits to using shipping containers as work spaces, homes, and stores — whether you need a mobile office or are looking to set up homes quickly in disaster zones. The shipping containers can be easily modified as well — doors and windows can be added as well as locking mechanisms, shelving, climate control, and more. Let’s discuss further the benefits of looking into shipping containers for sale.

What are the Benefits of Using a Shipping Containers?

Most shipping containers are made out of steel, which is extremely durable and the containers themselves are usually wind and watertight, which makes them ideal for workplaces, homes, or shops. If they’re taken care of in the elements, they could last up to 20 years, says Container Action. Containers themselves can be found for as little as $1,500 and modifications could cost up to $8,000 — which is still considerably cheaper than starting construction on a new site or (over 20 years) paying rent on a space.

Flexible Purposes
Essentially, a shipping container is just a big steel enclosed space. The world is your oyster when it comes to how you want to use the space. Whether you use it for specialty projects or something more conservative, like say, a temporary office on a construction site, shipping containers can have a variety of purposes.

Indeed, there are almost 20 million shipping containers globally and only six million of these are actually being used. That means over ten million shipping containers are lying empty and unused. These could be turned into homes or businesses.

Shipping containers can also be an excellent way to install temporary housing without much impact on the land or the environment. Since they’re weatherproof, they provide a secure place for people to stay.

They can also be used as concession stands, pop up stores, and more!

Looking at shipping containers for sale also means that you’re working towards a more eco-friendly future. For every shipping container that’s recycled, about 3,500 kgs (that’s over 7,500 pounds!) of steel gets reused. And, using a steel shipping container also means that the traditional building materials (like wood or bricks) don’t need to be sourced for use either.

There’s not much on site preparation that needs to happen, further reducing the carbon footprint and tax credits can also be received in some states for being energy efficient and going green. Instead of consuming more resources to build something new, we’re using what we already have on hand.

Where Can I Find Shipping Containers for Sale?

Shipping containers make their way into the market for sale usually via auctions (often online) from companies or other merchants. So hunting online (unless you have ties to the shipping community) is often the best way to start. If you live by the water and there’s a good amount of shipping activity going on around you though, it may be worth calling up your local shipping company (or companies) and inquiring directly. (In person can be better, in some cases, since you’ll be able to see and inspect the container yourself before purchasing.)

Keep in mind that if you’re looking at used shipping containers, you’ll likely want to do an inspection for rust or corrosion before making a final purchase. Bigger commercial vendors may be able to buy bulk shipping containers directly from the companies as well.

If you’ve been looking for a smart and flexible solution to your business or personal space, consider checking out shipping containers for sale — either new or used. It’s a sensible, sturdy, and environmentally friendly choice for shelter, with a unique story!

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