The Pros and Cons of Induction Melting Furnace

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During manufacturing, materials are needed in different states. While some might be used in their solid-state, others have to be in a liquid state. Therefore, in an instance where a solid material is needed in its liquid form, it has to be liquefied. That is where melting furnaces is needed.

The furnaces overheat the solid material, consequently altering its internal characteristics. The transition from solid to liquid is dependent on both temperature and pressure. Here are some of the primary types of melting furnaces.

Cupola Melting Furnaces

A cupola melting furnace is made up of a vertical heating chamber. The chamber has layers of combustible material such as coke and limestone. There are inlets whose purpose is to let air into the chamber for combustion to take place.

In most cases, cupola melting furnaces are used for ferrous metal foundry. Cupola melting furnaces have quite an elaborate and straightforward architecture. The top is usually fitted with a filter to remove any particulates from gaseous waste.

Induction Furnaces

Unlike the cupola furnaces, induction melting furnaces work on a different principle. Inside their heating chamber, coiled heating elements are embedded. The coiled equipment converts electrical energy to heat energy. The heat generated then radiates through the material to be melted, with exceptional degrees of thermal uniformity. In the process, the structure of the solid material is altered, leading to liquefaction.

In the manufacturing industry, melting can consume such a massive amount of energy. However, an induction melting furnace, saves a lot of it. The induction furnace limits the use of combustible fuels leading to safer operations.

The induction melting furnace is ideal for all grades of steel, as well as iron. It is also suitable for remelting and alloying due to the high degree of temperature control.

Benefits of Using an Induction Melting Surface

1. Improved Production Rates

The induction furnace melts metals such as steel within a short period. More metal can be melted in a particular period compared to the traditional furnaces.

Reduced Oxidation Losses

In the induction melting process, the furnace decreases the overall oxidation rate. Reduced oxidation rates translate to higher yields, hence better production rates.

2. Ease of Control

The induction furnaces don’t emit harmful waste to the environment. Therefore, they are very eco-friendly. Their control system also lacks complexity hence favorable to anyone.

3. Clean Energy

Unlike other furnaces, induction furnaces don’t use combustion to release heat. That means there are no by-products. The working environment is always clean, hence suitable for precious metals such as gold.

4. Low Noise

Noise pollution is known to be rampant in many manufacturing plants. However, while using an induction furnace for melting, no unnecessary sounds are produced.

Finding the Best Induction Melting Furnace Manufacturer

A metal melting furnace is such crucial equipment in steel melting. Therefore, you should ensure that you invest in the best. Here are some of the critical things that your manufacturer should offer.


Induction furnaces come in different variations. Some have a single melting pot, while others have tow and other advanced features. Your manufacturer should have a variety for you to choose from.


Melting furnaces come in different sizes, each serving a specific need. Some can weigh up to many tones while others are as light as one kilogram. The light ones are used to melt precise alloys. Your manufacturer should have furnaces in different sizes so that you can choose one that perfectly suits you.

Refurbished Induction Melting Furnaces

More often, people associate refurbished items with low quality. However, if you get a used furnace in good condition, it can serve you just as well as a new one would.

It Saves You Money

If you are looking to slash your company’s expenses, then investing in a used furnace is the best idea. You can get a perfect furnace at a significantly lower price.

You save the Environment

When you buy a refurbished induction furnace, you contribute towards making this planet cleaner. Recycling furnaces go a long way in reducing waste in the environment.

A high-quality induction forge is a basic need in manufacturing. If you are in the steel production industry, make sure you also get high-quality replacement parts for your furnace.


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