The Spookiest Office Spaces


Office space in new york city

If you think having to find office space is scary, imagine what it would be like to work in a haunted office! (Talk about temporary office space.) Check out some of these spooky haunted office buildings; they’ll make you glad that office space rentals don’t usually come with a paranormal liability waiver.

The Bullocks Wilshire Building, LA – Formerly a luxury department store, and one of the film sites for the 80’s classic “Ghostbusters,” legend says that a man pushed a young girl down the elevator shaft in the 30’s. Many workers report hearing her wailing, as well as witnessing lights and window shades go crazy on their own. I don’t know who they’re gonna call, but should you choose to visit this place, I would recommend taking the stairs.

City Hall, LA – If you ask the security guards in this building, the second, third, fourth, 27th, and 28th floors are all haunted. They’ll also tell you that the second floor is the scariest, perhaps because it’s made entirely of marble. (Which sounds kind of pretty, if you ask me.) Visitors report many kinds of spooky trickery, like multi-directional sound and feeling an unseen presence. With so many phantom floors, you can’t pick just one!

The Empire State Building, NYC – Maybe you’ve seen the photo of the woman who jumped the 1,050 feet to her death, landing on a parked limousine. It’s now said that she haunts the observation deck of the Empire State Building, pacing and crying, sometimes leaping through the safety net. (Crying about finding office space, no doubt.)

The Bradbury Building, LA – Arguably one of the most beautiful buildings ever built, the Bradbury Building was technically crafted by ghosts. The building’s contractor contacted his late brother for blueprinting advice, and received feedback that the building would make him rich and famous. So he took his brother’s apparition’s advice, and it landed him all the success he’d been promised.

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