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As any homeowner who’s had sewer pipe repair work done before can tell you, replacing your sewer pipes is a real hassle. The fact that they’re buried deep underground along with destructive tree roots (which can cause thousands of dollar’s worth of damage over time) means that until recently, repair crews have had to dig large trenches in a house’s yard in order to access them. This typically causes damage to any installations found on the yard such as a patio or deck. And once the work is finished, restoration work must be done to repair the damage, adding on to the original costs for services that have nothing to do with the pipes themselves. For homeowners, replacing sewage pipes is less just not fun.

However, there’s another option available for homeowners who need to repair their sewage system but don’t want to destroy their lawns in the process. Trenchless sewer pipe repair is a novel method that leaves your lawn alone! Trenchless sewer repair requires little more than a tiny incision in your lawn, something that can be filled back up without fuss.

How does trenchless sewer repair work? The method uses seamless, jointless pipes that can fit inside existing pipes. The seamless pipes are led through the old pipes until they reach the main sewer line. Once set in place, the seamless pipes are inflated and effectively act as the sewage pipes. The old pipes still remain but are removed from the actual sewage.

Trenchless pipe installation is popular with homeowners who’ve used the service. Amazingly, trenchless pipe repair is relatively unknown with consumers despite having been in use since 2000. An Angie’s List poll found that 78% of consumers had never heard of trenchless pipe lining. However, now that you’ve heard about it, consider trenchless sewer repair services for when the time comes to replace your faulty underground pipes.

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