Thousands of Professions Require Embroidered Patches

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Custom leather patches

Although this fact may surprise some readers, thousands of professions require suede patches, woven patches, rubber patches, leather patches, custom woven labels, and other embroidered patches. For example, police departments and fire departments regularly ask companies to sew suede patches and other embroidered patches into their uniforms so that civilians can recognize these government employees if they see them on the streets. Furthermore, the military and other governmental agencies (including the FBI, CIA, and NASA) often requests suede patches and other custom ebroidered patches to honor soldiers and officers who have distinguished themselves in the line of duty. (Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts troops also request custom embroidered patches for the same reason, although their designs are usually less ornate than those on the patches that are requested by governmental agencies for the obvious reason that these Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops have less money than governmental agencies such as the Army and the CIA.) Additionally, many sports teams ask companies and seamstresses to transform their logos into embroidered patches which can then be sewn into their uniforms; without these suede patches and other embroidered patches, the teams and their fans would have a hard time distinguishing between the offensive and the defense!

Although there are literally thousands of variations of suede patches and other embroidered patches, the vast majority of these patches incorporate a piece of art which is sewn onto a fabric backing thread using a needle. In the past, the majority of these suede patches and other embroidered patches were sewn by hand using a needle and a thread. Today, however, modern technology has obviated these time consuming practices; rather than sewn each and every patch by hand, modern seamstresses and embroiders stitch their designs with computerized embroidery machines which use embroidery software to automatically stitch patterns onto the patches. Many of these companies who create custom embroidered patches also recognize that their clients want durable patches which will not fade or wrinkle after prolonged exposure to time and other elements which have damaged thousands of clothing items in the past; nobody wants to replace a custom suede patch after three rounds in the washing machine. To ensure that their patches last for decades, most embroidery companies incorporate plastic backings into their designs which prevents the patches from bunching or wrinkling. Learn more:

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