Three Steps Your Personnel Need to Take Before Washing a Forklift Battery

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The forklift battery is widely regarded as the powering force that drives a warehouse’s everyday operations and functions. Without properly-functioning forklift batteries, you don’t have forklifts that work as well as they should — which ultimately cripples your warehouse’s efficiency and productivity.

To keep forklift batteries in good condition, one of the most important procedures is the forklift battery washing process. However, it’s not as simple as it may seem — and there are a number of key things that personnel must know before washing your warehouse’s forklift batteries.

Are your warehouse personnel taking the proper steps to bolster warehouse efficiency and battery room safety? Find out with this list of the three most essential preparations personnel should be making before undertaking the forklift battery washing process:

All personnel must wear protective gear

Before one even enters the battery handling area, he or she should be fully outfitted in the proper personal protective equipment. Face masks, goggles, rubber gloves, aprons and steel-toed boots are all necessary for working with and around forklift batteries. In addition, be sure that all personnel who enter the battery room are thoroughly trained in the correct safety procedures for this room.

Perform battery cleaning in designated areas

Before washing a forklift battery, personnel should move the battery to its designated wash station. Because forklift batteries contain highly hazardous chemicals and substances, the battery wash station must be located within 15 feet of an eye-wash station, and proper ventilation must be provided.

Prepare the correct cleaning materials

Regular cleanings of forklift batteries should involve distilled, mineral-free water and baking soda (about a 5:1 ratio between the two is ideal for the cleaning solution). The baking soda will neutralize any acid that has spilled onto the battery. In addition, personnel should have the correct tools to clean off sulfuric build-up on the battery’s exterior, as this build-up reduces a battery’s ability to holds its charge.

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