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When it comes to successful business ideas, everyone seems to have a proposal they believe, or even insist, will work. However, the most successful small business ideas involve a touch of creativity, ingenuity, passion and luck to help them thrive. Because of this, fledgling entrepreneurs must carefully consider the potential benefits and consequences of each opportunity they find. Ask yourself: is the world really in need of a custom unicycle shop, or would a mobile espresso van be a smarter investment? Both of these ideas might seem a little strange, but they are far from the oddest things people have used to achieve professional success. Read on to learn about some of the oddest and most surprising successful businesses; you might find the inspiration you need.

Make a Wish
Everyone knows that every turkey only comes with one wishbone, causing arguments in millions of homes as siblings, spouses, parents and other family members fight over this singular piece. However, Ken Ahroni wanted to create a way for more people to participate in the odd and ancient tradition of breaking the y-shaped bone in the hopes that their wish will be granted. Ahroni’s solution was to create plastic wishbones that feel and sound like the real thing when broken. By 2013, his company, LuckyBreak, was producing 30,000 wishbones a day and reported $2.5 million in sales.
Give Your Dog Some Sunnies
Veronica DiLullo’s collie had trouble catching a frisbee on sunny, glaringly bright days, so she made him a custom pair of sunglasses. After receiving a number of compliments and requests from other pet owners, she launched Doggles, generating millions of dollars and a partnership with pet store giant PetSmart.

Break Something
A lot of people feel the urge to break things when stressed or upset, but few would think to use this concept to inspire ideas for a successful business. However, Katsuya Hara did just that: in 2008, he opened a business called The Venting Place in Tokyo, which lets customers buy a plate, cup or saucer and smash it against a concrete wall. The dishes are defective and the scraps are recycled to make more dishes.

It can be hard to say if a business idea will be successful at its inception. However, by combining passion, creativity and other important qualities with a careful view of the current economy, social trends and more, it is possible to hazard a likely guess. Take mobile espresso vans, for example: recent research shows that people drink billions of cups of coffee a year, and that the beverage has numerous health benefits people will want to take advantage of. Coffee vans, therefore, are a great opportunity for entrepreneurs. Unicycles, meanwhile, don’t seem to be experiencing any kind of major growth, making mobile espresso vans the preferable opportunity. Take a look around you: what could potentially be used to create a great small business? You never know what will work. Read more blogs like this:

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