Tips for Acting as a Medical Witness

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A medical witness is any member of the medical profession that gives testimony in a case. They can examine the evidence in the case and come to conclusions based on their own experience. However, it’s not enough to graduate from medical school in order to be a good medical expert witness. Here are some tips on how to be a good one from SEAK, Inc, a firm that helps train those in the healthcare industry to become witnesses.

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Prepare for giving testimony in a case as if you are an athlete trying out for a spot on the Olympic team. Practice being questioned by the legal team that hired you. Get used to being asked some very rude questions. Lawyers on the other side will do anything to make you look unprofessional so that your testimony will be discredited. Stay calm, cool, and collected, even if your personal life is called into question.

Memorize all of the facts of the case so you know it by heart. If you are asked a question about a case that you get wrong, this will discredit you in the eyes of the jury. It will look as if you are incompetent, and anything you say should be ignored.

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