Urgent Care Clinics Prescribing Unnecessary Antibiotics?

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When you’re in need of urgent care, what may come to mind is one of the many urgent care clinics found across the U.S. Typically with these facilities, they do a great job of getting you what you need in a timely manner.

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The only issue is, and you may not see this as an issue, is that they are not mandated by the government like typical hospitals. This has caused an issue in the health industry where urgent cares are prescribing anti-biotics unnecessarily. In this video, we see a reporter for a health show go around to different urgent cares and easily get anti-biotics for an illness she didn’t even have. The main issue with this is that many of these antibiotics can be used for different things, like making drugs. That’s why it’s typically difficult for companies to give out prescriptions because of the multiple uses. So although most doctors can be trusted, there are some that may need a closer magnifying glass on them. This should not dissuade you from going to an urgent care though because, for the most part, you can still get all the care you need quickly and efficiently.

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