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Over the years, marketing has become increasingly important for businesses who want to stand out and set themselves apart from their competition. And as technology has grown and the internet has become an increasingly vital part of the daily lives of consumers, where businesses decide to focus their marketing efforts has also changed. Last year, nearly a quarter of all the marketing spending by businesses was focused on digital and online marketing. This means that any company who wants to stay relevant and be able to attract new customers will have to find the right internet marketing solutions.

In most cases, SEO marketing is a great option for businesses who want to boost visibility. Earning high rankings can go a long way towards making sure that a business is seen by the consumers that they want to target. Though it can be difficult and painstaking, generating highly ranking organic links can be highly beneficial, especially since 80 percent of search engine users say that that they usually, if not always, choose to ignore sponsored links on search engine results pages. Developing a SEO program that earns high organic rankings is the best way for businesses to cater to that group of consumers.

It is important, both in terms of SEO and consumer engagement, for businesses to keep their web content fresh and avoid becoming stale. One of the best ways to do that is by starting and maintaining a blog. Blogging will allow businesses to share information about themselves and their products, update their website regularly, and hopefully get more engaged with consumers. Since companies that blog receive 55 percent more web traffic than those who do not, blogging is one of the most valuable internet marketing solutions that businesses can use.

One of the best compliments to a SEO program and a regularly updated blog is a strong social media package. At least 65 percent of adults who use the internet say that they have at least one account on social networking sites, which means there is massive marketing potential there. While some businesses will focus on witty Facebook status updates and informative Twitter posts, visual content on social media is also important, especially with the growth of sites like Pinterest and Instagram. Building a strong presence on social media and coupling it with other internet marketing strategies can help any business build a larger, and more loyal, customer base.

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