Used Caterpillar Parts to Sustain Your Business and Keep Your Equipment Working Efficiently

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When you’re in the construction, trucking, scrap yard, or demolition industry, from time-to-time, you may need replacement parts or repair services. These may be needed for a variety of reasons, including normal wear-and-tear.

If it’s time to have your equipment serviced for maintenance purposed, or you need to meet with a customer-oriented parts specialist to purchase new or used caterpillar parts, here are just a few needs that can be handled by a local parts and repair service:

    Bucket linkage repairs
    Loader frame repairs
    Parts replacements
    Parts delivery

How often do you need heavy equipment replacement parts or heavy equipment servicing? If it’s too often, then have you made sure that your employees are well-trained and following the proper protocols?

Most types of construction equipment will last 15 years, so it’s possible that yours is breaking down more often due to user error, which accounts for over 35% of this type of equipment to break down.

Unfortunately, user error is not covered under your equipment’s warranty. You will, however, be able to replace heavy equipment parts and heavy equipment components such as used caterpillar parts.

If your engines are experiencing a fluid power failure, it could be a contamination issue. Approximately 75% of these failures are due to contamination, so it’s advised to use hydraulic filters to prevent this.

If you’re experiencing other issues with your diesel-powered equipment, you are likely aware that commercial vehicles, generators, and other construction equipment with diesel engines come in two classes: two or four-stroke.

A two-stroke engine’s power cycle, for example, is completed with an up-and-down movement of the piston for every one-crankshaft revolution. A four-stroke engine, however, needs four strokes, or four up-and-down movements of the piston, to complete a power cycle.

If your two-or-four-stroke engine system is not operating properly, or has broken down, there could be an issue with the piston, the crankshaft, or something else. When you contact a diesel engine repair service, they will be able to determine where the problem lies.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, non-road diesel engines need to follow Tier 4 emission standards. If you have diesel engines that operate under 75 horsepower, then you won’t need to use diesel exhaust fluid.

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