What an Internet Marketing Firm Can Do for Your Business

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When you are first starting out, planning to expand–or rebrand–your business, you need the best Internet marketing services available to establish, maintain, and grow your presence. Whether you need small business web design or someone to create your first Internet marketing campaign, you’ll want to research Internet marketing firms that provide multiple services.

Good Internet Marketing Firms Can Help You Go Mobile

If you already have a mobile-friendly web design, then you know that this interactive device is rapidly gaining in popularity. Currently, and on a global basis, there are approximately four billion mobile phones in use, and over one billion of these are also smartphones.

Even though many people continue to conduct business, engage in research, and interact with social media on their desktop, mobile Internet access and usage has become even more prevalent. Furthermore, the Internet marketing business model is continuing to adapt so that it has functionality on both desktop and mobile devices.

If you are yet to go-mobile, then just take a moment to imagine all those potential visitors to your site. When you obtain the services of Internet marketing firms to build mobile-friendly websites, you will be able to drive more traffic to your business.

Guiding Principals of Web Design

Steve Krug, the author of Don’t Make Me Think About Human-Computer Interaction and Web Usability, addresses several principals–or laws–of usability. His first law is that people don’t want to have to think while they’re navigating the web. They want each and every website page they land on to be easy to maneuver and self-explanatory.

In other words, and the research concurs, your website doesn’t need to be flashy or complicated. You want to get your message across rather than attempt to impress visitors with complicated features. No matter how intriguing they may be to you, your visitors want you to keep it simple.

Instant gratification continues to rule, according to multiple studies. With this in mind, you want users to remain at your site rather than become frustrated or impatient. When this happens, your users will move on to the next site hoping to find what they want or need.

It’s also important to realize that these users actually like to click on things, so if there isn’t anything at your site to inspire them to do so, they will definitely leave.

Transparency is another principal of user interface design. If your visitors can’t determine what functions and other features are available at your website, then this, too, needs to be addressed. Not only do you want your users to know what products and/or services you offer, you also want your website to reflect this.

Another important principal to keep in mind is that many Internet users will scan, rather than read, the text portions of your website. While you do need to have quality content for people who like to read articles, detailed product and service descriptions, and newsletters et al, balance is important.

It should also be easy for users to locate information. Another guiding principal states that anything which prevents users from obtaining information, such as requiring registration or signing up for a newsletter, may be counterproductive. Basically, it will drive away potential traffic, thus customers.

When you consult with an Internet marketing firm, remember that this is their area of specialization. They are there to offer you valuable services to promote your business.

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